A Second Chance for Closure


This moment really took my breath away. When I was 11yrs old my stepfather molested me on the way to and from this agency.  When we arrived they were closed so I never made it inside as child.  It was the worst car ride of my life.

But it’s funny how this second chance was presented to me.

I was at work when I was invited to a comedy show by this guy. He handed me his card and suggested that I should come out to his comedy show.

As I glanced at it, I noticed it had the name” William-Reynolds Agency” on the bottom line of this business card.  I couldn’t believe it.  I just assumed that this business would be closed after all these years.

Once I found out they were still open I promised myself that I would finally make it inside.   I just wanted to be step inside just for a minute as I was suppose to do that morning years ago.

So on June 5, 2015 I walked in the door of the agency FREELY.  I was completely overwhelmed as I just stood there in the middle of the floor.  A young woman named Mrs. J. Jackson greeting me with “How may I help you?”  I replied”  I just want to stand here.” I’m trying so hard to keep from crying.  She then replied without hestitation” I will stand with you then” as she wrapped her arms around.  I cried and cried.  I couldn’t hold it anymore.  Because I finally made it in.

With Hugs and Love,


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