{Living Little} A Girl’s 11th Year

Testimony Tuesday:  This moment really took my breath away today. When I was 11 years old my stepfather molested me on the way to and from this agency. When we arrived they were closed so I never made it inside. Recently someone gave me a card with William-Reynolds Agency. 



I thought they were no longer in business. Once I found out they were still open I promised myself that I would finally go inside. Today was that day. When I walked in the door I was completely overwhelmed. I was the 11 years old girl all over again. So when I told the lady (Mrs. J. Jackson) inside why I was there she gave me the biggest hug and stood with me in that moment. I finally made it in….


What action will you take to reclaim your childhood today?


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{Why Wednesday} Living in the Why

Journey Day Three: I restarted this blog for many reasons. First, I needed somewhere for my writing legacy to live. Second, I love being the voice of a sexual abuse survivor because sometimes we forget we now have the freedom to speak our truth about our daily struggles. Last by not least, I created this because of my nephew, Monta.


For years, my sister and I would drop him off at the babysitter, his great aunt. We had no idea that she was touching in him inappropriately until he was old enough to speak.  We didn’t find out until he was five. My heart broke into a million pieces.  I felt so bad that I was the one who kept dropping him off to her.  I felt so, so bad.

From that day forward,  as I’ve watched him experience the same struggles I’ve experienced growing up as a victim of child molestation myself  I wanted to help him now.  RIGHT NOW!!!  So I’ve secretly promised myself and God if I don’t have a strong enough why for myself to keep pushing this forward, I will ALWAYS do it for him.

I love you Monta!!!

With Hugs and Love,

Auntie Kelly

Survivor’s Journaling Assignment:  Why do you breathe every day? What is keeps you pushing forward?

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