Salute to the Savior Sunday

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for allowing me to see another day.

Another chance at this life to live.

I want to thank you today for your love, Lord

You love me when I have a hard time loving myself.

you whisper sweet reminders to my soul that only your love is real.

When you talk to me I hear love.

When you answer me I feel love.

When you protect me your covering is love.

When you change me I see love.

Thank you for you are the light of my life, Lord

In your name

I pray


{The Survivor Life} A Special Message just for YOU

Journey Day One:img_20161126_084724

Today marks the day I commit to writing and sharing with you the life lessons I live through daily as a S.A.S (Sexual Abuse Survivor). The journey is not meant to be easy and it hasn’t been but everyday is worth living.

I want the same for YOU as well.  I pray the same for YOU.

I know the issue YOU have with believing you are worthy enough for the guy or girl of your dreams.

I know the issue YOU have with feeling lonely in a house full of people who say they care and love you.

I know the issue YOU have as you suffer from depression because you feel like know one understands the internal fight between your mind and the devil daily.

I know the issue YOU have with living for validation so you over compensating to make someone else happy.  Hoping maybe they will return the favor.

I know the issue YOU have with boundaries. Say YES when your heart is telling you to say NO.

I know the issue YOU have with accepting love from others since you really are not sure if you love yourself.

I know the issue YOU have with self-control when it comes to food and sex.

I know the issue YOU have with self-sabotage when it comes to experiencing a good healthy relationship since you believe they will probably leave anyway.

I know the issue YOU have with creating your own happiness without attaching it to the next person, place or thing.

I know the issue YOU have with keeping your personal space safe.

I know the issue YOU have with forgiveness since you haven’t even forgiven yourself.

Believe me….I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW

What I also know is you are stronger then your current situation right now.

You are going to continue to get stronger every single day

I will walk alongside of you if you let me.

Today is the first day of the rest of OUR life.


With Hugs and Love,



Journey thought:  Will you accept your next step? What do you need to do right now to prepare?

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