Salute to the Savior Sunday {Gratitude}

Gratitude: To express appreciation or give thanks for a gift or gesture.

A Survivor’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day.
I surrender to you today my will in order to fulfill your Will.
I thank you for yesterday blessings. I thank you for today’s blessings and I look forward to tomorrow’s blessings
Heavenly Father.

Thank you for not only trusting me and making me accountability for the life you have given me to live.
But also thank you for giving me the truth to push through this life every single day.
I love you for all that you do and all you will continue to do.
In your name
I pray

What are you grateful for today?

{Salute to the Savior Sunday} A Survivor’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I am seeking your guidance today to become a stronger me in this moment.

I have been lost for a long time and today is another day of the fight.

Cover me with your love so I may feel the strength I need to make it through today.

I love you Lord

I thank you Lord

In your name I pray,


{Why Wednesday} Living in the Why

Journey Day Three: I restarted this blog for many reasons. First, I needed somewhere for my writing legacy to live. Second, I love being the voice of a sexual abuse survivor because sometimes we forget we now have the freedom to speak our truth about our daily struggles. Last by not least, I created this because of my nephew, Monta.


For years, my sister and I would drop him off at the babysitter, his great aunt. We had no idea that she was touching in him inappropriately until he was old enough to speak.  We didn’t find out until he was five. My heart broke into a million pieces.  I felt so bad that I was the one who kept dropping him off to her.  I felt so, so bad.

From that day forward,  as I’ve watched him experience the same struggles I’ve experienced growing up as a victim of child molestation myself  I wanted to help him now.  RIGHT NOW!!!  So I’ve secretly promised myself and God if I don’t have a strong enough why for myself to keep pushing this forward, I will ALWAYS do it for him.

I love you Monta!!!

With Hugs and Love,

Auntie Kelly

Survivor’s Journaling Assignment:  Why do you breathe every day? What is keeps you pushing forward?

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{Salute to the Savior Sunday} A Survivor’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for waking me up this morning.  Yesterday could’ve been my last day but you gave me another day. Thank you Lord

Thank you for a sound mind and a healthy soul to do your Will today Lord.  Although I feel weak at times I know you will never leave me to fall and go at this life alone.  I love you Lord. Sometimes more than I love myself. I will continue to work on this area of my life so that I may become whole.

I am grateful to be alive so that I may continue to live.

In your name I pray,


What are you grateful for today?

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{The Survivor Life} A Special Message just for YOU

Journey Day One:img_20161126_084724

Today marks the day I commit to writing and sharing with you the life lessons I live through daily as a S.A.S (Sexual Abuse Survivor). The journey is not meant to be easy and it hasn’t been but everyday is worth living.

I want the same for YOU as well.  I pray the same for YOU.

I know the issue YOU have with believing you are worthy enough for the guy or girl of your dreams.

I know the issue YOU have with feeling lonely in a house full of people who say they care and love you.

I know the issue YOU have as you suffer from depression because you feel like know one understands the internal fight between your mind and the devil daily.

I know the issue YOU have with living for validation so you over compensating to make someone else happy.  Hoping maybe they will return the favor.

I know the issue YOU have with boundaries. Say YES when your heart is telling you to say NO.

I know the issue YOU have with accepting love from others since you really are not sure if you love yourself.

I know the issue YOU have with self-control when it comes to food and sex.

I know the issue YOU have with self-sabotage when it comes to experiencing a good healthy relationship since you believe they will probably leave anyway.

I know the issue YOU have with creating your own happiness without attaching it to the next person, place or thing.

I know the issue YOU have with keeping your personal space safe.

I know the issue YOU have with forgiveness since you haven’t even forgiven yourself.

Believe me….I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW

What I also know is you are stronger then your current situation right now.

You are going to continue to get stronger every single day

I will walk alongside of you if you let me.

Today is the first day of the rest of OUR life.


With Hugs and Love,



Journey thought:  Will you accept your next step? What do you need to do right now to prepare?

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