{Salute to the Savior Sunday} A Survivor’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for waking me up this morning.  Yesterday could’ve been my last day but you gave me another day. Thank you Lord

Thank you for a sound mind and a healthy soul to do your Will today Lord.  Although I feel weak at times I know you will never leave me to fall and go at this life alone.  I love you Lord. Sometimes more than I love myself. I will continue to work on this area of my life so that I may become whole.

I am grateful to be alive so that I may continue to live.

In your name I pray,


What are you grateful for today?

Reach back and Share with one person today:) Thank you!!

2 thoughts on “{Salute to the Savior Sunday} A Survivor’s Prayer

    1. Lakell

      Thank you so much Adia for stopping by and sharing in my vision. I appreciate our connection because you have inspired me to get this started. thank you again share with someone!!


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