Affirm + Love Anyway

22:33 pm

Hey Survivors,

I believe that love is an action word with major responsibility for the giver and the receiver.

Today I affirm that I will take my responsibility to give love seriously in order to lead to healthier encounters with those who receive it from me.
If it isn’t received well then
I will love you anyways ūüôā

With Hugs and Love,


What responsibility does your love hold?

A survivor’s lesson in understanding “My mouth heard you say I love”

I said I love you..
but you replied” that’s not what I said”
but I heard you
you replied” it wasn’t me
maybe it was the voices in your head”
I don’t understand why not
because that’s what you are suppose to do.
You’re my mother,¬†my father, you’re my sister and my¬†friend
and you are suppose to be my lover
but when I responded” I love you”
you said ” that’s not what I said”
What was the misunderstanding of what you said
was it the fact that I needed it , wanted it
or was it the fact that you showed it but really didn’t mean it.
Why did I misunderstand what you said when I clearly heard you say I love you
or did you say I hate you
It feels like a familiar translation of what I wished you would say.
I said I love you..
but you replied” that’s not what I said”

Question: How many times have you misunderstood the intentions of the word love in relationships?

Affirm+Show Up



My spirit felt so alive this morning and ready to go.

So today I affirm I will show up to live as the best version of me today.

With Hugs and Love,


{A Survivor’s Heart} Still Standing & Stepping Out, The Purple Affair

Hey Survivors,

I had the pleasure of attending a phenomenal event to kickoff National Domestic Violence Awareness Month on Saturday.

The 6th Annual Purple Affair was hosted by visionary Tamiko Lowry-Pugh, the founder of The Still Standing Foundation located in Atlanta, GA.   Tamiko wears many hats as an author, empowerment speaker, book publisher, domestic violence expert, legislative advocate, mom, wife, sister and is a friend to many who have crossed her path.

purple affair 2017 tamiko 146

As a survivor of domestic violence, she has accepted God’s assignment to lead other victims down the path of hope and healing.¬† She will not only guide your journey but fight for you every step of the way.

This annual event is an extension of her dedication and love for the fight. Let’s paint the night purple!!!

purple affair 2017 tamiko 051 (2)

Meet the beautiful Tamiko Lowry-Pugh

purple affair 2017 tamiko 059 (2)

Tamiko and hubby Kenny Pugh

purple affair 2017 tamiko 018 (2)

Meet the beautiful co-host Aurea McGarry, domestic violence Sur-thriver

purple affair 2017 tamiko 028

Aurea McGarry and Hubby

purple affair 2017 tamiko 024 (2)

Meet songtress Angelica Monroe Boudreau

purple affair 2017 tamiko 027 (2)Angelica and Aurea

purple affair 2017 tamiko 032

The beautiful ladies and their handsome hubby

Next are the co authors of the newly release Wounds to Wisdom…The Survivors Series Volume 1.

purple affair 2017 tamiko 135

Some of the beautiful co authors.

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories of survival.

The handsome co author

Thank you for being the voice for the men dealing with domestic violence as well.

purple affair 2017 tamiko 111

Co- Host Yamma Brown Alexander of the James Brown Family Foundation is wearing this dress!!

purple affair 2017 tamiko 077 (2)

Tamiko and The Still Standing Foundation team

purple affair 2017 tamiko 148 (2)purple affair 2017 tamiko 152 (2)

What I loved the most about this event was the sea of smiles and support for a very important epidemic in our community.   This fundraiser/gala was full of beautiful individuals standing up, showing up and being humbly recognized for being the voice for the voiceless.

purple affair 2017 tamiko 007 (2)

This last photo I believe is the most powerful one of them all.  The signatures of survivors who have made the decision to stand for one more day.

This topic hits home for me as I watched my mom get beat to a bloody pulp daily by my dad as a child.  Although I was too small to stop him from hurting her I am now big enough to fight against people like him from hurting others.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a supporter please click the link

Thank you Tamiko and The Still Standing Foundation for all you do.

Until next time survivors…

Remember we are only alive to live this journey one time so let’s

make the best of it!!


Unexpected Reset Button

Hey there survivors,

So as you wait in the middle of the scared wait of possible destruction.

Or at least that what they want us to believe about Hurricane Harvey, Irma or aka Tropical Storm for everyone else who lives my way.

I live in Georgia where yes the weather is always unexpectedly unpredictable at times but also over exaggerated at times.

Are you prepared for the what if?

Answer: No

Are you prepared to hit the reset button when life decides not to do it your way anymore?

Answer: No

This is when shifting is no longer in your hands.

The best lessons are taught in moments like this such as learning to be grateful for this life right now. The promise of life isn’t a promise at all. Living for now is all you have today.

We are also reminded that material possessions are a expression of our desires and can be replaced.

The ideal thing to do is to hold on to the familiar despite the unlimited warnings of destructive change ahead but….

No matter what, the storm is coming and this too shall past.

Your greatest reward after a storm is to be able to reset.

Be safe. Remain grateful.

Prayers to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. “This too shall pass”

Who has been affected by the storm? How are you doing ?

{A Survivor’s Life} Living with Self Love

Self -Love is not selfish when it’s about YOU! Feed your Soul


Survivor’s Journaling Assignment: What are you feeding your mind today?

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{Why Wednesday} Living in the Why

Journey Day Three: I restarted this blog for many reasons. First, I needed somewhere for my writing legacy to live. Second, I love being the voice of a sexual abuse survivor because sometimes we forget we now have the freedom to speak our truth about our daily struggles. Last by not least, I created this because of my nephew, Monta.


For years, my sister and I would drop¬†him off at the babysitter, his great aunt. We had no idea that she was touching in him inappropriately until he was old enough to speak. ¬†We didn’t find out until he was five. My heart broke into a million pieces. ¬†I felt so bad that I was the one who kept dropping him off to her. ¬†I felt so, so bad.

From that day forward, ¬†as I’ve watched him experience the same struggles I’ve experienced growing up as a victim of child molestation myself ¬†I wanted to help him now. ¬†RIGHT NOW!!! ¬†So I’ve secretly promised myself and God if I don’t have a strong enough why for myself to keep pushing this forward, I will ALWAYS do it for him.

I love you Monta!!!

With Hugs and Love,

Auntie Kelly

Survivor’s Journaling Assignment: ¬†Why do you breathe every day? What is keeps you pushing forward?

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