Unexpected Reset Button

Hey there survivors,

So as you wait in the middle of the scared wait of possible destruction.

Or at least that what they want us to believe about Hurricane Harvey, Irma or aka Tropical Storm for everyone else who lives my way.

I live in Georgia where yes the weather is always unexpectedly unpredictable at times but also over exaggerated at times.

Are you prepared for the what if?

Answer: No

Are you prepared to hit the reset button when life decides not to do it your way anymore?

Answer: No

This is when shifting is no longer in your hands.

The best lessons are taught in moments like this such as learning to be grateful for this life right now. The promise of life isn’t a promise at all. Living for now is all you have today.

We are also reminded that material possessions are a expression of our desires and can be replaced.

The ideal thing to do is to hold on to the familiar despite the unlimited warnings of destructive change ahead but….

No matter what, the storm is coming and this too shall past.

Your greatest reward after a storm is to be able to reset.

Be safe. Remain grateful.

Prayers to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. “This too shall pass”

Who has been affected by the storm? How are you doing ?

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