{SurvivorLife} I am working on my procrastination.


My day started off pretty good.  I woke up to another day of chances after falling asleep the night before trying to finally finish a writing project I’ve been “meaning to finish” every month since 2016!!

It’s amazing how much time I’ve wasted but to know me is to know this has always been part of my process.  I vowed this year I would bet on me and keep the promises I make to myself.


I got up with this project on my mind first thing this morning.  My momentum is still running on high from the night before.  The first thing I thought to do was to grab my laptop so I could continue on my writing project. But I needed some noise in my space so I grabbed my phone and turned on Youtube to check out a video notification that came through a few minutes ago.

My concentration patterns are weird even to me sometimes.  I can turn any Youtube video into a podcast real quick.  Ha!! Especially if I am in a time pinch.  Sometimes you just have to go with what works for you.

As I am typing and changing the font on the title of this project my words are really beginning to flow. I haven’t felt this kind creativity in awhile.  The closer I get to finishing the more the sense of accomplish grows in me.  I have made my last excuse today when it comes to this project.  I am tired of hearing myself repeat ” I will finish it today” Well today has finally come.

As I typed the last sentence to on the last page of my writing project I suddenly experience a great feeling of accomplishment.

Ahhh….What a sense of peace!! I am finished!!

Yay me!!!* insert happy dance*

I can’t believe I can finally scratch this goal off my list.  At last, I have officially created my first journey guide for my weekly journaling class taught by little ole me.  My students will be so proud of me for pushing through this since I have been promising to finish this workbook for them.

Today I learned that I am the one holding my growth back if I allow procrastination to stand in the way.

With Hugs and Love,


How did you show up for your promises today?

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